Dear parents, carers, staff, governors and friends,

Dear families, staff, governors and friends

This week in Brindishe Lee …

Celebrating Diversity

This week at Brindishe Lee been has been a week of debate, opinion and ideas.  The children have been celebrating Diversity, thinking about equality and considering how important it is that everyone is valued for being the person they are.  I have heard some amazing discussions about understanding and challenging stereotypes and been treated to some powerful poetry written by children to express their feelings about it. 

Thank you to everyone who ‘wore blue’ on Wednesday and brought in money to be given to Kidscape – a charity that works to prevent bullying and protect children’s lives.

Shakespeare for Schools Festival

The Brindishe Players – The Tempest

What a treat on Tuesday night … a talented group of Y6 actors from across the Brindishe Federation performed ‘The Tempest’ at The Albany Theatre, Deptford.  The children gave a fantastic performance to a packed theatre and received a, very well deserved, standing ovation!  It was so impressive to see such young people be able to perform the very complex lines from Shakespeare and take an audience on a theatrical journey. 

Very, very well done to Joseph, Lily, Ruby, Aliyah, Lara and Theo the actors from Brindishe Lee – you were brilliant, we were so proud of you!  A big thank you to Shirley Haughton who motivated and rehearsed the children along with colleagues Kimberley Givens and Alex Seabourne from Brindishe Manor and Brindishe Green, respectively.  What a marvellous, creative triumph for the Brindishe Federation.  The group will be together for the last time next week as they share their story with all Brindishe Year 6 children  in a final performance at Brindishe Green.

Packed lunch or school dinner?

Please can we remind all families how important it is to let the office know whether your child is having a packed lunch or if your child will now need a school dinner.  School meals are ordered in advance and not day by day. Please do not simply tell your child to ‘have a school dinner today’ if you run out of things for their packed lunch. This applies whether your child is entitled to free school meals or not.

Children can change from packed lunch to school meals or vice versa at the start of a half term but you need to let the office know via an email (info@brindishelee, or phone call or note please. If your child stops having school meals but we are not informed by you then you will still be liable for the cost of these meals.

Sharing our School Development Plan

This week I would like to share with you our focus on ‘Everyone’s safety first’.  We will:

  • Continue to offer and secure a fully comprehensive range of Child Protection and Safeguarding training for all staff and governors
  • Know, keep track of and build links with the widest range of support services and networks to keep children and our communities safe
  • Keep ourselves well informed about groups, influences and activities which may harm children, and know when and how to report and to seek support
  • Raise, and keep high, everyone’s awareness of their responsibility to be vigilant and to report

Children’s safety

Please be very thoughtful when dropping/collecting children from school by car.

Those parents /carers who drive need to be extra vigilant of children when parking and reversing. We have had a number of near misses especially near the crossing points. It is safer to park further away rather than attempting to park on top of the school and cause a hazard!

Please also be very aware of traffic when outside school as frequently cars drive too fast in front of the school and parking is often dangerous.  Please teach your children not to cross behind a reversing car and to know the Green Cross Code.

Please can I remind you to be considerate to our neighbours when you drive and park away from the immediate area of the school if possible, rather than to block people in whilst you ' drop off' or collect from school.

A little walk always does good and will help us to keep good relationships with our local community.

Attendance this week 

Well done to  …  

Y5 with 98.9%                                                   


Y4 Cherry again with 97.5%


Sickness and/or vomiting

If your child is ill, we usually welcome them back to school as soon as they are feeling well. If however they have sickness and/or vomiting you will need to keep them at home for 48 hours after the last incident.

Many thanks.

Dates for your diary                             

Next week …   


Brindishe Federation Governing Body meeting is at Brindishe Lee on Tuesday from 6.00pm – 10.00pm.  Please let us know if you would like to attend as an observer, and we will arrange seating for you.


The History Man visiting Year 3   


Open evening for prospective families                                     

05/06 December

KS1/Reception performance @ 2pm                                       

09 December 

F@B Christmas Fayre 

12 December  KS2 performance @ 2pm

13 December KS2 performance @ 6pm

14 December  Children’s Christmas lunch        


Finally …

Please see the message below from F@B … Christmas Fayre 09 December 2017


Have a good weekend.