How do I apply for a place at Brindishe Lee?

There are a number of criteria for admission and this information is published in our Admissions policy available from the school office or by clicking on the links below.  

Nursery admissions

Brindishe Lee does not have its own Nursery, but the other two schools do have this provision.

If you wish for your child to be admitted to either Brindishe Manor or Brindishe Lee Nursery, you need to complete an application form, available from the school office or by clicking the link below. The completed form must be returned to the school office of the school you wish to apply for. Children are usually offered a Nursery place the term after their third birthday, although this cannot be guaranteed. Children who are not offered a place immediately will be put on a waiting list at your request. Should a place become available we will contact you.

Nursery Admissions Policy

Nursery Application Form

Reception and In Year admissions

Applications for places for Reception need to be made to School Admissions at the Lewisham Local Authority for allocation of a place in a school. Please read our Admissions policy to find out more information.

Brindishe Schools Admissions Policy

If you wish for your child to join Brindishe Lee within a school year then a common application form must be completed.

Application forms are available from:

The Admissions Team
Laurence House,

or you can download a copy from the Lewisham Council website.