Dear parents, carers, staff, governors and friends,

This week at Brindishe Lee …

All round the school there has been the sound of everyone busy counting in 2s, 4s, 8s, 12s… A school focus on securing times tables is encouraging instant recall of these facts. Ask your child(ren) which they have been working on, I think you will be impressed by how well they are beginning to know them.

Information about your children …

To ensure safeguarding in all areas of school for all children it is really important we have current information about your child(ren). Please make the time to log onto our Parent Portal (Arbor) and check, update or amend your information. If you do not have access to a computer, or are having difficulty logging on, please pop in to the office and our team will be able to support.                                                      

Most important is information regarding any allergies your child may have, correct contact mobile phone numbers (have you recently changed your number?) and does your list of additional contacts identify who may collect your child at the end of the day? Our policy for… Collection of children at the end of the school day says …

The school needs to be made aware of any alteration to arrangements, even if the person collecting is already known to the school. If the person is not known they will need to use an agreed password before a child is handed over to their care.

Please be aware that we may not allow your child to leave school, even with a known adult, unless we have confirmation that they are ‘authorised to collect’. You can check this by logging on to Arbor. Thank you for working with us to secure the safety of your children.

Rights Respecting news   

Our focus in assemblies and discussion this week is on ‘Everyone’s Safety First’, echoing our School Community Development Plan. The key articles  are 17 and 29 – You have the right to know information that affects your well-being and You have a right to receive an education that helps you develop your talents.                    

Next week is Road Safety Week (see later), we will be learning about keeping ourselves and others safe.

Attendance this week

Best attendance this week …Year 2 with 98.9% and Year 5 Cherry with 98.4% Very well done both classes!

Dates for your diary 

Next week                                      

Tuesday Open evening for prospective families                                                                 
Wednesday Year 1 and Year 3 Circus Day! And Y5 to Greenwich Observatory          
Thursday Full Governing Body meeting @ Brindishe Lee. If you would like to attend as an observer, please let us know and we will arrange seating for you.                                                                 
Friday Wear BRIGHT colours to school                                                           
01 December F@B Christmas Fair (see end of newsletter …)                        
04/05/06 December Reception & KS1 performances                                                        
11/12/13 December KS2 Performances

And finally …

Lisa Morris,

Thank you for all the donations given to wear pyjamas to school last Friday …  we raised  just under £200!  Amazing!  Well done everyone!

Enjoy the weekend.

19 – 25 November Road Safety Week

Bike Smart!

Bike Smart is the message at the heart of this year’s Road Safety Week, focusing on the safety of those on two wheels. Taking place between 19–25 November, and coordinated by Brake, Road Safety Week seeks to raise public awareness over road safety, acting as the driver for positive change on our roads.

The number of cyclists in the UK is increasing at a rapid pace, which is really great, however, those on two wheels are among the most vulnerable UK road users:

  • More than a third of people killed or seriously injured on UK roads are those travelling by bike (either bicycle or motorcycle).
  • More than 100 bike riders are injured every day in needless, preventable crashes. 

Brake’s week-long campaign will raise awareness about the importance of protecting those on two wheels by focusing on:

  • cyclists and motorcyclists being Bike Smart through safe riding behaviours, appropriate training, clothing and equipment
  • drivers being Bike Smart by looking out for those on two wheels, driving safely and utilising the latest life-saving technologies in their vehicles
  • policy makers being Bike Smart by implementing a safe systems approach and designing segregated spaces for cyclists

On Friday 23 November we would like the children to wear BRIGHT clothes to school to promote the importance of staying visible at night.

We would like to encourage all families to get involved by creating a banner that is designed to help raise awareness about road safety.

We look forward to seeing the bold eye catching designs.  

Please hand in your banners to Mrs Hearne in Reception Class and we will share them in assembly next Friday.