Dear parents, carers, staff, governors and friends,

This week at Brindishe Lee …

We have had a Challenge Partner Review team in school this week.  Everyone, adults and children alike, has worked so hard to show just how Brindishe Lee works every day.  The team observed many lessons, looked at all areas of learning, met with both staff and children and asked many questions about the teaching and learning at Brindishe Lee.  The reviewers really enjoyed being a part of our school and were so impressed with the confidence and tenacity of our children.  The lead reviewer will send us the final report and I will share it with you when it comes.

On Tuesday Year 3 had a photographer from Tate Modern come to visit them.  They are taking part in a very special learning project with the Tate gallery led by globally renowned artist, Steve McQueen.

Every Year 3 class across the capital has been invited to take part in one of the largest group portraits ever made and to see their class photograph among thousands of others in a vast exhibition at the prestigious Tate Britain in central London.  It will appear as part of the free public exhibition at Tate Britain from November 2019 until May 2020 along with thousands of other class photographs from primary schools London-wide. We will let you know when the exhibition begins, I am sure Year 3 (who will be Year 4 by the time their photo is on display!) will want to visit.  So exciting! 

More exciting news in Reception this week as their hard-earned savings transformed into the boat they have so wanted!  The launch took place yesterday with ‘Stormy Stan’, the RNLI mascot.  The children were so delighted when Sergio towed the boat in to Reception garden.  The flags flew and the children sang the special Water Safety song they have learned as a part of the whole Enterprise project.  

Well done! to the whole Reception team for having an idea and working so hard to achieve exactly what they wanted.  A very special thank you to Kathryn Mason, Rosie’s mummy, for bringing Stormy Stan and for all the treats she has added for the children’s creative role play.

F@B news 

Don’t forget that next Friday is F@B’s Quiz night.  Get your team together and book a table …!



Safeguarding … As part of our ongoing series looking at ‘online safety’, we are starting to include some possible activities you can do at home, to support your child’s understanding and awareness of their role and personal profile online.
Activity 1 My Online Profile

This activity aims to help children understand how easy it is for others to copy, modify and alter information online.

Give your child a piece of paper. For the first task, the child should draw a head and neck, then fold the piece of paper down (1/3) to cover the drawing. Pass the paper to a family member. Ask the family member to draw the top half of a body and arms. Fold the paper again (2/3) and pass to another family member. Finally, ask the family member to draw a pair of legs (the drawing should now be covered). Fold the paper and pass back to your child. Ask your child to open their drawings. Explain that it is easy for people to create any identity they want online. If you wish to find out more, please visit the National Online Safety website and search for further

Dates for your diary

Next week ….

Tuesday   SATs meeting for Y6 parents / carers  

Friday    F@B Quiz night 09 April   Break for Easter Holiday

Rights Respecting news  Over the next week our assemblies and class discussions will be focused on Article 30.  Article 19 You have the right to be protected from being hurt and mistreated, in body or mind.

Attendance this week Very well done to Year 3 with 99.3% and Reception with 97.2%. 

And finally…  Have a happy weekend!