virtual learning

In Brindishe Schools we see home learning as a way of encouraging children to see learning as something that happens both in and out of school. We want them to be and to become ‘life-long learners’. We know that home learning helps by:

  • developing the partnership between home and school in children’s learning
  • reinforcing skills and consolidating new learning
  • encouraging children to take responsibility for their learning

Our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) known as Fronter is a closed on-line learning environment which we use to broaden and link childrens' access to learning at school and at home. Fronter also has areas for discussion, for access to learning suggestions and facility for the children to upload their own learning. Only those people with a username and password can access Fronter.

To access our VLE site please click on the following link:

Children and staff will then need to sign in using their username and password.

Parents / carers can access the Parent/carer area using any of the following usernames and passwords:



adultguest1 one
adultguest2 two

following the same format up to...

adultguest6 six